Understanding our customer’s needs is our Number One Priority.


SMD Photonics Asia takes very high consideration to provide a safe and reliable business services to all our customers as a personal duty, as well as to constantly improve our products to satisfy all our customer’s needs.

Our Construction and Renovation team of experts are highly experienced with more than 20 years in operation for home building, home improvement and renovation works.


We are a complete service provider that strive for exceptional quality in every renovation that we do.


That is why you can confidently trust us to deliver superior values and results, with professional and personal services to help you to mange your construction and renovation budget, as well as to provide innovative and sustainability solutions for your dream home.


Here are some of the key benefits from adopting or switching to LED lights applications:


  • Lower power consumption.
  • Maintenance hassle free.
  • Plug & play application.
  • Longer lifespan.
  • No more frequent change of damage lights.
  • Cooler operating temperatures.
  • Limitless design capabilities.
  • Brighter and nicer light output.
  • Massive savings of electricity bills in long run.



LED lightings

Our SMD LED Lights not only can help you to adopt smart investment, as we are highly committed to support Malaysia Green Building Index, Global Green Initiatives in Energy Saving, Reducing Carbon Emission, thus providing Green Energy Solutions in all our Led products that we market.


LED lights are rapidly gaining acceptance as the ultra-low-energy option for many applications and the list are growing every year.


LED lights can significantly reduce your lighting electricity bills in the shortest period of time by simply switching your current traditional lights to the right LED lights application. Guaranteed!

Professional LED Lighting Supplier in Malaysia

At SMD Photonics Asia, " Quality is defined in everything that we do. "


Our on going pursuit for high quality products is develop according to various guidelines, creating an excellent, reliable and to be a well trusted brand.


Our Company

SMD Led Lighting offers the latest cost-saving, energy-efficient lighting solutions for:

  • residential
  • corporation
  • industrial facilities
  • warehouse
  • car parks
  • street light
  • retail
  • mall & complex
  • office buildings
  • and many more